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We are pleased to welcome you and your pet to The Village Motel  

This information provides you with many of our pet friendly highlights around Naramata.

We ask that you accompany your pet at all times while staying in the hotel.

Pets are not permitted to be left alone in our guest rooms or in the court yard under any circumstances.  If you are planning activities that your pet cannot attend we recommend arranging dog care in advance.  


Should you require any additional assistance please contact us directly at (250) 496-5535 .  


* Please advise us at the time of your reservation of your intention to bring your dog along. You may contact us directly at: (250) 496-5535.

* A charge of $10.00 per night applies for all pets and will be added to your final bill. (Certified Guide Dogs are exempt from this charge).

* If a pet is left alone in a guest room and the owner cannot be located, the pet will then be removed to another location and a $25.00 per hour pet sitting fee will be assessed.

* In case of emergency owners must provide a contact cell phone number to the Front Desk.

* Any property damage caused by a pet will be the pet owner’s responsibility and the appropriate charges will be applied to your final bill.

* Municipal regulations restrict all pets from all restaurants (except for Certified Guide Dogs)

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